Sat 02. 03. | 18:00
TAKE Masaharu
NAKAI Kiichi, SASAKI Kuranosuke
ADACHI Shin, IMAI Masaka
original title
Czech and English
czech subtitles
Petr Holý
2018 / 105 min

Old tea bowls are usually of negligible value, yet a certificate of origin can make their value skyrocket to astronomic heights. A crazy story of two unlucky guys, reseller Norio and potter Sasuke and their families, takes us to the town of Sakai near Osaka. Norio buys tea bowls from the survivors of the deceased, hoping one day to find a valuable item with an owner who has no idea about it. However, in this business, even renowned appraisers and experts can cheat. Both underdogs get to realise that they have a common enemy, and hatch a diabolical plan for retribution. One day, a lost tea cup made by the revered master Sen no Rikyu ‘reappears’. The technique and craftsmanship are period-correct and there is a certificate of origin too. If it were truly genuine, its value would next to incalculable. A comedy packed with surprising plot twists takes us to the world of forgers in all crafts imaginable. Will common sense win over greed? Which of the cheaters will end up deceived eventually?

Two popular actors, Kiichi Nakai and Kuranosuke Sasaki, meet on the screen for the first time, and their stellar acting interplay drives an unforgettable comedy that has already received two sequels. The film will show us the secrets of manufacturing and valuing tea ceramics. It is a must for everyone who has ever bought a guaranteed genuine tea bowl made by a renowned master.




Film Festivals Awards

2018 Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival
2018 Toronto International Film Festival
2018 Asian Film Festival of Dallas

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