Accreditation for the whole festival

Sale at the Lucerna Cinema box office has started yet! Limited number!

The Eigasai Accreditation applies to all projections in the Main Hall of Cinema Lucerna from March 20th to 26th, including performances by Wadaiko yosa-yosa, Kyógen, and Yosakoi on Saturday afternoon and performances by Eisaa on Sunday. It does not include the two documentary screenings in the Small Hall of Cinema Lucerna .

price 400 Kč

Single entry tickets

On sale online (see the icon “tickets” at each film entry) as well as at the Lucerna Cinema box office.

All movies are in Japanese, subtitled in both CZ/ENG. 

Single entry tickets 139 CZK, for ZTP and seniors 80 CZK. 

For children under 10 years of age, admission to the film Okko´s Inn is free. 

The discount on admission can only be applied at the Lucerna cinema box office. 

Accreditation for 750 CZK and for students, ZTP and seniors 450 CZK.                 

Film screenings take place at the Great Hall of Lucerna Cinema, Vodičkova 36, Praha 1

 The program may be subject to charge

 price 600 Kč

Student/ Senior Accreditation 

Sale at the Lucerna Cinema box office has started yet! For purchase you should present a valid ISIC or other student card or proof your age over 65 years. 

No seat reservation possible. You will be allowed to enter the hall 5 minutes prior the screening and sit at any seat, which is free at the moment when screening starts.