WED  |  22. 2.  |  18:00

STEP  |  ステップ

Director: IIZUKA Ken  

Cast: YAMADA Takayuki, HIROSUE Ryôko, YO Kimiko, KUNIMURA Jun


118 min

When Kenichi’s wife dies, their daughter Miki is just one year old. Despite offers of help from his relatives, he decides to raise his daughter on his own, writing the phrase “a new beginning” in the calendar. He sets his successful businessman’s career aside – he has to play the roles of both parents alone. He starts a half-time job for a lower pay. Daughter Miki is rather independent and obedient, but changes profoundly after joining a kindergarten and then school. Suddenly, mum is sorely missed in every respect. Luckily, Miki has loving grandparents. They start encouraging Kenichi to find a new wife. They can see what Kenichi is doing for his daughter while his own life is slipping through his fingers. They do not want him to make this sacrifice. But how do you bring a new mum into a household where the real mum’s legacy is still alive? The touching story shows the life of a widower with a daughter over the course of ten years. It depicts both professional and family relationships and highlights the importance of a loving family and considerate superiors. In supporting roles, you will see the well-known faces of Ryôko Hirosue, Kimiko Yo and Jun Kunimura who have become regulars at Eigasai.

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