MON  |  20. 2.  |  18:00


AINU MOSIR  |  AINU MOSIR  |  アイヌモシリ  |  84 min

Kanto (14) is a descendant of Japan’s indigenous Ainu nation. He helps her mum run her souvenir shop in a small town on the Hokkaido Island that thrives on travel. Kanto loses his father at an age when he needs him the most. Community leader Debo becomes his guide through adolescence.

TUE  |  21. 2.  |  18:00


KILLING  |  ZAN  |  斬、  |  80 min

After 250 years of peace, most samurais struggle as ronins without a master. Warrior Mokunoshin Tsuzuki protects villagers and keeps his martial skills up by training young peasant Ichisuke. His unfulfilled love for a girl named Yû keeps him in the village. War is approaching, however.

WED  |  22. 2.  |  18:00


STEP  |  STEP  |  ステップ  |  118 min

When Kenichi’s wife dies, their daughter Miki is just one year old. Despite offers of help from his relatives, he decides to raise his daughter on his own, writing the phrase “a new beginning” in the calendar. He sets his successful businessman’s career aside – he has to play the roles of both parents alone.

THU  |  23. 2.  |  18:00


NOMADS OF THE MOUNTAINS  |  SANKA  |  山歌   |  77 min

Set in 1965, the story introduces us to student Norio. He is coming back to his native town to prepare for high school examination. His father has a great say in making decisions on the development of the town and local landscape.

FRI  |  24. 2.  |  18:00


ON-GAKU: OUR SOUND  |  ONGAKU  |  音楽   |  71 min    

The film is based on a cult manga of the same name from 2005. Three high-school delinquents start a rock band. The fact that they had never touched musical instruments before, so the output of their band Kobujutsu (Classic Martial Art) can hardly be called music, is the least of their worries.

SAT  |  25. 2.  |  13:30


OKKO`S INN  |  WAKAOKAMI WA SHOGAKUSEI  |  若おかみは小学生!  |   94 min

Having lost her parents, city girl Okko moves to a village to live with her grandmother who manages the traditional onsen spa with healing hot fountains. The girl faces a new school and schoolmates, and she becomes the follower of a family tradition that she knows little about.

SAT  |  25. 2.  |  16:00


Kyōgen (in Czech), Ryukyukoku Macuri Daiko, Kenya Satoh – shamisen  |  狂言, 琉球國祭り太鼓, 三味線 

 |  100 min

SAT  |  25. 2.  |  18:00


BORN BONE BORN  |  SENKOTSU  |  洗骨¨  |  111 min

Senkotsu – a ritual of bidding the deceased farewell by washing their bones and laying them back to the grave – is still practiced at the Okinawan isle of Aguni. With the ceremony, the notional baton of life is relayed from parents to children.

SAT  |  25. 2.  |  10:00 – 17:00

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