FRI  |  24. 2.  |  18:00


Director: IWAISAWA Kenji  

Cast: SAKAMOTO Shintarô, KOMAI Ren, MAENO Tomoya, HIRAIWA Kami, TAKENAKA Naoto


71 min

The film is based on a cult manga of the same name from 2005. Three high-school delinquents start a rock band. The fact that they had never touched musical instruments before, so the output of their band Kobujutsu (Classic Martial Art) can hardly be called music, is the least of their worries. With fan support, they decide to appear at a local festival even though a gang from a rival school is after them. The simple drawing style and dry humour make room for music and succinctly portray the unique Japanese rock scene and the musician mindset at the beginning of the 21st century. Popular musician Shintarô Sakamoto lent his voice to the lead character Kenji, making the film utterly unique. Director Iwaisawa chose the rotoscope technique – drawing the animation over actual film footage – for adapting this manga. He worked on the film for seven years and drew more than 40,000 images in the process. The film won the Grand Prize at the Ottawa International Animation Festival in 2019.

© Hiroyuki Ohashi / Rock’n Roll Mountain / Tip Top