SAT  |   25. 2.  |  13:30


Director: KÔSAKA Kitarô  

Cast: KOBAYASHI Seiran, MATSUDA Satsumi, MIZUKI Nana


94 min

Having lost her parents, city girl Okko moves to a village to live with her grandmother who manages the traditional onsen spa with healing hot fountains. The girl faces a new school and schoolmates, and she becomes the follower of a family tradition that she knows little about. In addition, ghosts and spectres live in the old house, and sometimes they help and other times they do unintentional harm. To make matters even tougher for Okko, she shares the sixth grade with an annoying girl named Matsuki who manages a nearby luxury hotel resort and keeps preaching to her. Mutual acts of malice ensue soon. The bond that connects both girls is much more profound, however. Although she does not want to, Matsuki shows Okko the omotenashi principle – customer care. It is not just about serving a beautiful meal – most importantly, it is about serving food that is healthy and good for the body. Okko is strong and passes the many tests, but the most difficult one – forgiving – is still ahead. The film is adapted from a novel for children that sold more than three million copies. Its director Kôsaka worked as animation director for the Ghibli Studio for many years.

© Hiroko Reijo, Asami, KODANSHA / WAKAOKAMI Project