TUE |  22. 2.  |  18:00

Strawberry Song  |  Ichigo no uta  |  いちごの唄

2019   |   114 min

Director:  SUGAWARA Shintarō

Screenplay: OKADA Yoshikazu 

Music: SEBU Hiroko

Cinematography: IWANAGA Hiroshi

Staring: FURUTACHI Yūtarō, ISHIBASHI Shizuka

A romantic comedy. Kōta, a shy yet kind man works in a frozen food factory and really likes his job. On the Tanabata holiday, he happens to meet his former schoolmate Chika and they both realise the sad link between the two of them and the date: their friend Shinji died on the same day exactly ten years ago. Neither of the two wants to be alone on that day, so they agree to meet this day every year. Kōta tries to entertain his friend by recounting his weird experiences with an extravagant neighbour and funny stories from his otherwise boring life. He fails to notice that Chika is unhappy in her own little world and still feels guilty of their friend’s death despite the years that have passed. Every year, she leaves Kota sadder. When she finally decides to share her secret with Kōta, she hopes that he, a kind and helpful companion, will find a way for her to free herself from the past and shake her inner fears. The title of the film is based on a song by the punk rock band Ging Nang Boys, which you will also get to hear in the film.