SAT  |  26. 2.  |  18:00

Room Laundering  |  Rūmu rondaringu  


2018  |  109 min

Director: KATAGIRI Kenji 

Screenplay: KATAGIRI Kenji , UMEMOTO Tatsuya


Cinematography: EZAKI Tomoo


Getting an affordable rental apartment in Japan is never easy. Low prices may stem from the fact that someone died tragically in the flat. The reason why someone rejects a lease may be a chance for someone else to start a strange business. Miko is a girl who moves into such flats for a short period of time; she can see the ghosts of the deceased and helps them to resolve their earthly issues and delete the stigmatisation of the past in the apartment. A bit dark comedy shows Japan full of ghosts that only Miko and Goro, her uncle, know about; their family has been inheriting the ability for generations. However, when they encounter the angry ghost of a young murdered woman, full of hate and craving revenge and reasons why she had to die, all the fun suddenly stops. The murderer has to be found and convicted. And that will be neither easy nor safe, even if with ghosts on your side. Will Miko stay in her lonely world, or will she succeed to free herself, find her mother, and finally live on her own terms?

The film is adapted from the work of the second prize winner of the TSUTAYA CREATORS’ PROGRAM FILM 2015 talent scouting programme.

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