TUE  |  22. 2.  |  18:00


いちごの唄  |  Ichigo no uta  |  Strawberry Song  

A romantic comedy. Kota, a shy yet kind man works in a frozen food factory and really likes his job. On the Tanabata holiday, he happens to meet his former schoolmate Chika and they both realise the sad link between the two of them and the date: their friend Shinji died on the same day exactly ten years ago.

MON  |  21. 2.  |  18:00


Festival opening

恋のしずく | Koi no shizuku  |  For Love's SAKE  

Even today, young Japanese are fascinated by the western world and its culture more than their own traditions. Shiori, a student of agricultural university in Tokyo, shares similar values in this romantic Japanese comedy where streams of sake will flow.

THU  |  24. 2.  |  18:00


Born to be a Star     
Documentary movie with lecture – Ondrej Hybl

Being the first-born son in a family that has passed on the traditional Japanese stage art for generations in Kyoto must inevitably seem beautiful and romantic to us, Czech admirers of Japanese culture.

WED  |  23. 2.  |  17:30


モリのいる場所  |  Mori no iru basho  |  Mori,  The Artist's Habitat

The film tells the story of an eccentric yet recognised artist, Morikazu Kumagai who never left his own garden in the last 30 years of his life. His paintings in the nihonga style may at a glance seem naïve or even childishly simple.

FRI  |  25. 2.  |  18:00


おもてなし  |  Omotenashi  |  Omotenashi  


“Life without remorse is not a very good life.” Taiwanese director Jay Chern presents the art of traditional Japanese hospitality, called ‘omotenashi’ in its entirety, in his full-length debut. Young and arrogant corporate exec Jackie is sent to Japan to prepare a ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn, for refurbishment and sale.


となりのトトロ  |  Tonari no Totoro  |  My Neighbor Totoro  


You can hardly find anyone in Japan who does not know the film. Several generations have grown up watching it, and the Totoro character has earned popularity the world over. The film is cute and funny, yet it also shows the touching separation of children from their parents.

SAT  |  26. 2.  |  13:30

SAT  |  26. 2.  |  18:00


ルームロンダリング  |  Rūmu rondaringu  |  Room Laundering 

Getting an affordable rental apartment in Japan is never easy. Low prices may stem from the fact that someone died tragically in the flat. The reason why someone rejects a lease may be a chance for someone else to start a strange business.


さよならくちびる  |  Sayonara kuchibiru  |  Farewell Song 

Haru and Leo are two girls who make up the Haru-Leo musical duo. They busk in the streets with guitars and their independent music is organically finding an audience, mostly among young girls to whom the two are becoming idols.

SUN  |  27. 2.  |  18:00

SAT  |  26. 2.  |  10:00 – 17:00


親子で楽しむ日本の伝統文化 ギャラリールツェルナ  

Arts and Crafts workshops Lucerna Gallery

. . . .

All movies are in Japanese, subtitled in both CZ/ENG. Omotenashi is in Japanese, Chinese and English, subtitled CZ/ENG. My neighbor Totoro is in Japanese, subtitled CZ.

Single entry tickets 130 CZK. Free admission for children under 10 years of age for My Neighbor Totoro, ticket on sale as at the Lucerna Cinema box office.

For visitors is necessary to comply with the current conditions set by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. Visitors must wear a respiratoror other protective equipment without an exhalation valve with a filtration efficiency of at least 94% (class FFP2(KN95 / N95) at all times during the screening, unless otherwise specified.

Film screenings take place at the Great Hall of Lucerna Cinema, Vodičkova 36, Praha 1