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Omotenashi / Omotenashi  | おもてなし

2018   |  96 min

Director: Jay Chern

Screenplay: Jay Chern, SUNADA Mami

Cinematography: Jay Chern

Staring: TANAKA Rena, Wang Bo-Chieh, YO Kimiko

“Life without remorse is not a very good life.” Taiwanese director Jay Chern presents the art of traditional Japanese hospitality, called ‘omotenashi’ in its entirety, in his full-length debut. Young and arrogant corporate exec Jackie is sent to Japan to prepare a ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn, for refurbishment and sale. Perhaps to attract to his ex-girlfriend, Jackie decides to rebuild the inn on the shore of Lake Biwa into a wedding hotel. However, the place is managed by innkeeper Mitsuko and her daughter Rika, and they have a completely different ideas about the future.

The film will definitely intrigue an audience that appreciates beautiful depictions of the perfect Japanese culture whose depths they can explore through the story on the screen along with the young and cynical businessman who discovers the values of modesty and humility and the depths of human relationships in the environs of an ancient inn that he originally wanted to destroy. The film is also a picturesque rural romance with inter-generational conflicts that lets viewers savour the historical Kyoto setting.

Actress Tanaka Rena played in Dear Etranger and Jo Kimiko played in Departures, both films that we featured in the past editions of our festival.

2018 Hong Kong International Film Festival
2018 Almaty Film Festival
2018 Chongqing Youth Film Festival
2018 Asian Film Festival Barcelona
2018 Cincinnati Over-the-Rhine International Film Festival

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