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For Love's SAKE  |  Koi no shizuku  |  恋のしずく

2018  |  117 min  

Director: SEGI Naoki

Screen play: KAMO Yoshinobu

 Music: TAKAYAMA Hidetake

Cinematography: OKADA KENZŌ

Staring: KAWAEI Rina, ONOZUKA Hayato, MIYAJI Mao

Even today, young Japanese are fascinated by the western world and its culture more than their own traditions. Shiori, a student of agricultural university in Tokyo, shares similar values in this romantic Japanese comedy where streams of sake will flow. She wants to be a sommelier and study wine craft in France. On her teacher’s whim, though, she is sent to a popular traditional sake brewery, Saijō in Hiroshima for practice. Despite a series of misunderstandings, she is determined to obtain the course credit and make her French dream reality. She never loved sake, but when the sake makers teach her about the correct temperature and serving, she discovers a whole new world. Suddenly, she finds herself in an environment where sake is central to everything. The son of the sake brewery’s owner does not intend to carry on the family tradition but circumstances bring him back to his mother’s idea of making a special sake variety using the traditional method. Both young people are facing a difficult task with an uncertain result. The director is Segi Naoki; you may have seen his Ramen Samurai.

2018 Hawaii International Film Festival

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