THU   |   24. 2.  |  18:00

Born to be a Star

Documentary movie with lecture – ONDŘEJ HÝBL

in japanese with czech and english subtitles

90 min 

Being the first-born son in a family that has passed on the traditional Japanese stage art for generations in Kyoto must inevitably seem beautiful and romantic to us, Czech admirers of Japanese culture. However, we are all born naked and we have to learn from scratch whatever it is that we will pursue all our lives. Preschool kids could care less about the position they may hold sometime in the future. Quite naturally, they are shy and they usually do not share the enthusiasm for their parents’ path of life. As a result, the journey to the first performance and the first success can have an unexpectedly deep human dimension even in a famous Kyoto family. It can also test the parents’ ability to teach and motivate children just the same as anywhere else on the planet.

The evening will offer the audience a glimpse into how children’s art is viewed in a traditional Japanese family and outside. Viewers will be shown archive footage from a unique time-lapse documentary that captures the preparations of two young Kyoto artists for their first performance and offers very rare peeks into the background of the family rehearsal spaces and theatres. This is the only screening of the film outside of Japan.