Arts and Crafts workshops Lucerna Gallery

Under the guidance of experienced teachers you can try traditional Japanese disciplines:

Origami - paper folding, the history of this art dates back to the 17th century, it is a magical transformation of a flat sheet of paper into a spatial object, under the guidance of an experienced lecturer you can fold a traditional crane, a box or anything you wish. The workshop is free.

Calligraphy - the Japanese art of writing with brush and ink - shodō, classical characters written with different techniques are classified as fine art. You can try writing your name or a character that will bring you luck in the year of the water tiger. The workshop is free.

Omamori and Hasu no hana - under these Japanese terms are hidden a good luck charm and a lotus flower. Using Japanese fabrics, you will be able to sew and make these items under the experienced supervision of Radka Müllerová, who will introduce you to traditional and modern Japanese art techniques. The price of material for the workshop is 150 CZK.  

To book a workshop, please send an email to (please put WORKSHOP in the subject, select the shortcut according to the time, write your name, number of people, phone number and payment method*, the workshop will be confirmed by email).
*only for Omamori and Hasu no Hana

In the sales area you can buy something to eat and some souvenir. 

Traditional Japanese snacks and takeaway drinks will be prepared for you by:

Miyabi restaurant - onigiri, sushi, sweets and more

SUSI.CZ - non-perishable food, soups, snacks and more

Japanese Home Sweets - fresh Japanese sweets - for pre-orders visit Facebook group Japonska domaci cukrarna, sale on place will be limited

Dobra Cajovna – tea and ceramic mostly from Japan

Matcha tea - drinks and snacks made from matcha tea powder

Little souvenirs will be offered by:

My Amazing Japan - ceramic bowls and plates, Yuzu tea - Yuzucha

Nanahana - handmade textile items with Japanese inspiration

NeoBara - postcards, stickers and posters with Japanese motifs by a Czech artist

Flea market - Japanese objects looking for a new home

Nihontō kenkyūkai and KBU - activities of the Japanese sword section and Japanese matrial Arts section under the supervision of leading representatives of the CJA

Entry to the sales area will be limited to 50 people, unless current restrictions by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic tell otherwise. Entry with respirator only. Consumption of food in the hall is prohibited.