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2019   |    81 min    |   director: Atsuro Shimoyashiro   |   staring:  Ryú Morioka, Nanami Kawakami   |   Produkce: Spotted Production

Filmisnot suitable for viewers under 18 years of age

An unusually open film about the frustration with erotic and marital relations and unfulfilled life ambitions, The Modern Lovers (Tokyo no koibito) is referred to as “indie”, or independent, experimental film by Japanese critics. With psychological precision, it captures three days in the life of Tetsuo. A young married man and a rural official, he leaves for Tokyo to meet the love of his student years when he wanted to be a filmmaker. They experience an erotic explosion in a spa, but he does not tell her that he is expecting a baby with his wife. She, Marina, is married too – and she is startled by how much alive their love affair is and how well the erotic “chemistry” with her past lover works. The memories of their unfulfilled love affair and their student dreams of filmmaker careers lead both characters to the realisation that they deceive themselves, causing them to experience an existential crisis. The director has shocked viewers with sadomasochistic scenes – the film is not recommended for viewers aged below 18. The film is accompanied by an original soundtrack of songs by the Tokyo 60 Watts Band, selected personally by the director who is also a musician. He dedicated the soundtrack to all “predestined lovers”.