FRI  |  24. 9.  |  18:00

RANDEN |  嵐電  |   2019   |   114 min     

“Take a ride through the memory of our city on board a spirit tram tonight”, says this feature film’s slogan. It is a playful film within a film with the plot unravelling in Kyoto, near the romantic Randen single-track line, which is just 7kilometres long.


Behind the scene of The Kyogen Theatre
+ Eisaa drummers

Even though the Kyogen theatre comedy genre originated in distant Japan more than 650 years ago, it has been entertaining audiences in the Czech Republic excellently for the past 20 years. Therefore, it is time to offer Czech viewers a more detailed look behind the scenes…

SAT  |  25. 9.  |  15:00

SAT  |  25. 9.  |  18:00

TEN YEARS   |   十年   2018   |   99 min 

The anthological dystopia about Japan in 2028 is a continuation of Ten Years, a project produced in Hong Kong by Andrew Choi who, back in 2015, envisioned Hong Kong in 2025 as a megalopolis ruled by the Chinese communist doctrine.


SUN  |  26. 9.  |  18:00


THE MODERN LOVERS   |   東京の恋人    2019  |  127 min

An unusually open film about the frustration with erotic and marital relations and unfulfilled life ambitions, The Modern Lovers (Tokyo no koibito) is referred to as “indie”, or independent, experimental film by Japanese critics.

All movies are in Japanese, subtitled in both CZ/ENG. Single entry tickets 139 CZK. Free admission for children under 10 years of age for Kyogen an Eisaa performance.

For visitors is necessary to comply with the current conditions set by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. Visitors must wear arespiratororotherprotective equipmentwithoutanexhalation valvewith a filtration efficiency of atleast94% (class FFP2(KN95 / N95) at all times during the screening, unless otherwise specified.

Film screenings take place at the Great Hall of Lucerna Cinema, Vodičkova 36, Praha 1