20 – 26/1/2020


SO |  25. 1.  |  15:00

Wadaiko yosa-ysoa, Kyogen (in Czech), Yosakoi dance


Wadaiko Yosa-Yosa

Wadaiko are large Japanese drums played during all popular Japanese feasts. This is a form of collective ecstasy following hard work. Wadaiko is not a domain of professional musicians – it is a living tradition passed from one generation to the next. It can awake strength in man and nature and helps those who are lost regain determination. Wadaiko Yosa-Yosa formed in Prague in 2005 as the Taiko-Club of the Czech-Japan Association. Jana Votrubová, the group’s art director, took both traditional and specialisation courses at the Taiko Centre in Kyoto during her two-year stay in Japan. In addition, she got very familiar with the traditional environment and took part in many popular feasts.



Kyogen Czech  focuses primarily on studying and staging Japanese kyogen farce plays in Czech. In a way, this is a globally unique project of long-term cultural collaboration between Czech and Japanese theatre artists. DK is a singular theatre troupe active outside Japan that has focused systematically on this traditional art genre.

The troupe was founded thanks to the initiative of Czech playwright, director and mime Hubert Krejčí, Japan scholar Ondřej Hýbl, and the leading representative of the Okura traditional Kyoto school, Master Shime Shigeyama. In 2016 DK received the highly prestigious Saikasho award from the Nogami Noh Theatre Institute of the Tokyo University.


Yosakoi Praha

The Yosakoi dance troupe formed in Prague in April 2018. Its dancing style originally hails from the city of Kochi. Over time, many various groups have formed all over Japan, each of them having a specific style and approach to dancing. Last year, three members of the troupe were appointed Yosakoi ambassadors to the city of Kochi.