20 – 26/1/2020


SUN |  26. 1.  |  16:30

Věra 68 + discussion


Director: Olga Sommerová

Věra Čáslavská was not only a laureate of the Order of the Rising Sun with Gold Rays and Neck Ribbon (2010) and the honorary chairperson of the Czech-Japan Association – she was a symbol of the Czech Republic for the Japanese. She won 140 medals during her career, including seven gold and four silver Olympic medals in gymnastics. Her success made her the most successful Czech sportswoman of all times. Having won the Olympics in Mexico in 1968 she became the best athlete in the world as well as the second most popular woman on the planet. She was a consultant to President Václav Havel after 1989. Her private life was fraught with a family tragedy, following which she retired from public life for a long 16 years. Director Olga Sommerová’s sensitive documentary captures Věra Čáslavská’s life on the backdrop of Czechoslovak history. We are presenting Věra 68 in the context of the upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2020 and the 100th anniversary of official Czech-Japan relationships.

“Whoever takes a risk and faces the world with courage is in for a great reward. The reward is self-respect.” Věra Čáslavská, Life on the Olympus