20 – 26/1/2020


FRI |  24. 1.  |  18:00

THREE STORIES OF LOVE  | Koibito tachi |   幼な子われらに生まれ


Director: HASHIGUCHI Ryosuke  •  Staring: SHINOHARA Atsushi, NARUSHIMA Tôko, IKEDA Ryô

The director of HUSH! (2001) Ryōsuke Hashiguchi is returning to Eigasai with his Lovers. Prematurely widowed construction worker Atsushi with miraculous sense of hearing is crushed by grief and his desperate struggle with the legal system. He sees his beloved wife everywhere, drowning in depression, and cannot see a way out. Toko, a housewife, lives in a house with her mother-in-law and her son. She obeys their rules, surviving in boredom and drabness. What will happen if someone interesting comes along? How will this disrupt the everyday routine? And how will it end? Successful lawyer Shinomiya keeps his sexual preference secret. Then he loses his beloved friend. How will he, a lawyer who deals mostly with divorces and emotionally charged cases, cope with his own feelings? Unknown actors in leading roles appear authentic and the screenplay, penned by the director himself, realistically depicts the loss of everyday values that we take for granted until we lose them.