20 – 26/1/2020


SAT |  25. 1.  |  13:00

RUDOLF AND GOTTALOT | Rudolf to Ippai-attena |  ルドルフとイッパイアッテナ


Driector: YUYAMA Kunihiko, SAKAKIBARA Motonori  •  Staring: INOUE Mao, SUZUKI Ryôhei

Rudolf is a little kitten. To him, his mistress Rie is a goddess and his home is the entire world – he can only see beyond its limits from the rooftop. One day, Rudolf follows his mistress and runs out of the safe garden right into a street full of scary things. By coincidence, he jumps into a supply van only to wake up in the middle of a foreign city. There he meets Gottalot the stray cat who shows him how to live in the street and get along. Rudolf learns how to read and finds out his home is 400 km away. With the help of Gottalot and other cat friends, he makes a plan to get back to Rie.
Made on the basis of a successful book, the film is more than just a magical story for children. It depicts everyday life in the streets of Gifu, the power of friendship, the need for home and a sense of belonging and the determination to follow one’s goal, whatever it is. And it shows that whether you have one name or many, what matters most is being true to yourself.