20 – 26/1/2020


MON  |  20. 1.  |  18:00

OPENING CEREMONY Veronika Stránská a Jan Lichý

IT`S BEAUTIFUL LIFE  |  2012  |  112 min

Directed by Osamu Minorikawa (1972), It's a Beautiful Life is an excellent probe into the life of a small town community living in a distant mountain area in the Tokushima prefecture in Shikoku. The place where the three heroines live is struggling with the hot issues …

TUE  |  21. 1.  |  18:00


The poetic-philosophic film by young and progressive director Yūya Ishii who has previously intrigued western viewers at the Berlinale and other global festivals with films such as The Great Passage,

WED |  22. 1.  |  18:00

Bon Uta: A song from home  |  2019  |  134 min

A long five years after the disastrous earthquake, tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster, the citizens of one of the affected cities – Futaba – still cannot come back home and have to stay in temporary dwellings around.

THU  |  23. 1.  |  18:00

Dear Etranger  |  2017  |  127 min

he family drama was made on the basis of a 1996 novel of the same name written by Kiyoshi Shigematsu. The hero, Makoto (Tadanobu Asano), lives with his wife Nanae (Rena Tanaka) and two stepdaughters, Kaori and Eri, from the wife’s previous marriage.

FRI  |  24. 1.  |  18:00

THREE STORIES OF LOVE  |  2015  |  140 min

The director of HUSH! (2001) Ryōsuke Hashiguchi is returning to Eigasai with his Lovers. Prematurely widowed construction worker Atsushi with miraculous sense of hearing is crushed by grief and his desperate struggle with the legal system.

SAT  |  25. 1.  |  10:00–17:00


Arts and Crafts workshops Lucerna Gallery  | LUCERNA GALLERY

SAT  |  25. 1.  |  12:00

Film Olympics  |  90 min

A discussion on the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 and a reflection on the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964 including excerpts from films by Ichikawa Kon as well as work-in-progress documentary films by NHK and director Kawase Naomi.

SAT  |  25. 1.  |  13:00

Rudolf and Gottalot   |  2016  |  89 min

Rudolf is a little kitten. To him, his mistress Rie is a goddess and his home is the entire world – he can only see beyond its limits from the rooftop. One day, Rudolf follows his mistress and runs out of the safe garden right into a street full of scary things.

SAT  |  25. 1.  |  15:00

Wadaiko yosa-yosa, Kyogen Czech, Yosakoi

Wadaiko are large Japanese drums played during all popular Japanese feasts. This is a form of collective ecstasy following hard work. Wadaiko is not a domain of professional musicians – it is a living tradition passed from one generation to the next

SAT  |  25. 1.  |  17:00 - 17:45



Members of the Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko (EISA), who will arrive from Japan on the occasion of the festival, will teach you basic drumming techniques for complete beginners.

SAT  |  25. 1.  |  18:00

HER LOVE BOILS BATHWATER  |  2016  |  89 min

An excellent intimate family drama, Her Love Boils Bathwater by Ryōta Nakano poignantly depicts one phenomenon of the current era – the complexity of disintegrating and randomly patched-up marriages, secret relationships, adopted children, relationships between stepsiblings

SUN  |  26. 1.  |  13:00

EISÁ – drum show

Ryūkyūkoku Matsuri Daiko is a type of dance stemming from the ancient tradition of eisā (Okinawan drumming) that features a remarkable style of high kicks, karate movements and synchronised choreography.

SUN  |  26. 1.  |  14:30

HIS MASTER´S VOICE  |  2014  |  95 min

aihei Hayashiya is an excellent contemporary narrator of the rakugo genre. In the film Mō Ichido, a character of the same name takes us to the samurai city of Edo where the characters from many stories encounter their storytellers.

SUN  |  26. 1.  |  16:30

Věra 68 + discussion  |  2012  |  90 min

Věra Čáslavská was not only a laureate of the Order of the Rising Sun with Gold Rays and Neck Ribbon (2010) and the honorary chairperson of the Czech-Japan Association – she was a symbol of the Czech Republic for the Japanese.

SUN  |  26. 1.  |  19:00

Oshin  |  2013  |  109 min

Oshin is a film remake of a Japanese TV series of the same name that was based on an original script by Sugako Hahashida and broadcast on NHK from 1983 to 1984. The show with 297 episodes is of the asadora (morning show) genre…

20. – 26. 1.


Oshibana  exhibition in cafe Lucerna

pictures of dried flowers

20. – 26. 1.


Věra Čáslavská exhibition in cafe Lucerna

Olympic phenomenon not only in 1964

All movies in the Main Hall of Cinema Lucerna are in Japanese, subtitled in both Czech and English. Single entry tickets 100 CZK, discounted accreditation 600/400 CZK. The Eigasai Accreditation applies to all projections in the Main Hall of Cinema Lucerna from March 20th to 26th, including performances by Wadaiko yosa-yosa, Kyógen, and Yosakoi on Saturday afternoon and performances by Eisaa on Sunday. It does not include the two documentary screenings in the Small Hall of Cinema Lucerna.