20 – 26/1/2020


SUN |  26. 1.  |  14:30



Director: ITAYA Hiroyuki  •  Staring: HAYASHIYA Taihei, FUKUZAKI Nayuta, TOMITA Yasuko

Taihei Hayashiya is an excellent contemporary narrator of the rakugo genre. In the film Mō Ichido, a character of the same name takes us to the samurai city of Edo where the characters from many stories encounter their storytellers. Women and men, samurais and servants, an innkeeper and her guests, parents and children, neighbours and noodle vendors. These characters serve as a source of inspiration and slight parody for rakugo. A storyteller cannot faithfully mimic eating hot noodles without having actually tried them. This is what Sadakichi, a little boy determined to become a storyteller, experiences in the film. Will he convince his audience?
The rakugo genre has been in existence unchanged for several centuries. Throughout the entire story, the narrator is sitting down and may only use a fan, a handkerchief and the viewer’s imagination. Turning the body to the right or left, he changes the characters, voices and style of communication. This is certainly not easy, and the relationship between a master and his student forms a lifelong bond.