20 – 26/1/2020


FRI |  25. 1.  |  18:00

HER LOVE BOILS BATHWATER  |  Yu o wakasu hodo no atsui ai  |   湯を沸かすほどの熱い愛

Director: NAKANO Ryôta  •  Staring: MIYAZAWA Rie, SUGISAKI Hana, ODAGIRI Joe

An excellent intimate family drama, Her Love Boils Bathwater by Ryōta Nakano poignantly depicts one phenomenon of the current era – the complexity of disintegrating and randomly patched-up marriages, secret relationships, adopted children, relationships between stepsiblings and the strength of parents who find themselves in complex situations in life, trying to find order in the new family constellations. In this case, the strong person in the family is the mother, the heroine Futaba (Rie Miyazawa) tackling an extremely difficult situation: unlike her husband Kazuhiro who suddenly disappears, she continues caring for her adolescent daughter and trying to give her maximum support, only to find that she has cancer and has only months left to live. The family relationships are suddenly turned upside down, many unexpected turns ensue and the story resolves in a bittersweet happy ending. Rie Miyazawa received the Best Acting Performance Award from the Japan Film Academy in 2016 for her excellent portrayal of a strong mother who never gives up.