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Zikmund and Hanzelka’s Films from Japan in 1963

120 minuts followed by a discussion  |  Small hall  Lucerna cinema  |  CZ only



The legendary Miroslav Zikmund (who turned an admirable 100 years this year) and Jiří Hanzelka (1920-2003) travelled all continents and published countless articles, photographs and documentaries from the end of WWII to the late 1960s (they were silenced after the Prague Spring due to their open anti-regime and anti-Soviet stance). They spent seven months in Japan in 1963 (February to September), criss-crossed all the isles and captured Japan both traditional and modern. The festival will show eight of their reportage films from Japan: Tempo, Ach Paní Fudži (Oh Madam Fuji), Dobrou chuť lidé zítřka (Bon Appétit People of Tomorrow), Město dvakrát zrozené (A City Born Twice), Nashledanou přijďte zas (Good Bye, Come Again), Nějvětší na světě (The Biggest In The World), Rasy nejsou barvy (Races Are Not Colours) and Sakura z horoucích pekel (Sakura From The Hottest Hell).