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Where I belong しゃぼん玉 |  Shabon dama   |  

director AZUMA Shinji  |  2017  |  108 min. 


The festival’s opener takes the viewers to the mountains in Japan’s Miyazaki Prefecture. The hero, Izumi (played by the popular young actor Hayashi Kento) previously made his living as a thief in the big city, preying primarily on weak women. In a paradoxical twist of fate, he finds himself in the countryside “adopted” by one such woman who manages to involve him in the rural life. A city boy from a broken home is faced with previously unknown family life, meets friends and works on the preparation of a traditional festival. The question is, will the hero’s past sins catch up with him or will he remain a good man, find out where he really belongs and find his new place in life? The film was made on the basis of Where I Belong, a bestseller by Nonami Asa.