23. 3. |  sat


Summer Days with Coo  河童のクゥと夏休み |  Kappa no Coo to Natsuyasumi   |  

director HARA Keiichi  |  2007 / 2007  |  138 min



Schoolboy Kochi finds an orphaned water creature by the river. The waterman has miraculously survived for 200 years, emerging in the modern-day Tokyo. Kochi’s family “adopts” him and both children become good friends. When other people learn about the strange creature, Kochi sets out to find a new home for his friend. With Coo in his backpack, he visits places where watermen were said to live in the past, only to find that Coo is the last of his breed. The pressure grows with sensation-hunting TV crews besieging the family and Coo, and the situation becomes untenable. Director Hara Keiichi, who has made iconic Japanese anime films such as Doraemon and Kreion Shinchan, reverses the roles of “monsters” and people in this film. Watermen or other spectres do not necessarily have to be evil: people can hurt each other much worse.