24. 3. |  sun


NHK – Cycle Around Japan  

60 minut  |  Small hall  Lucerna cinema  |  ENGlISH only


Hokkaido Prefecture’s vast open spaces have always been a cyclist’s dream! Through the Tokachi plain and Kushiro wetlands, our rider enjoys a journey through wilderness. He meets younger generations who find opportunities in fertile farming land. Around huge Lake Kussharo, he finds an open-air hot spring bath. Nothing beats bathing after a long ride! He also discovers the traditional culture of the Ainu, indigenous people and meets an Ainu artist. And breathtaking sceneries. Bicycle is freedom. It can take you farther than walking, yet you can still stop by the roadside and chat with the locals. A a bicycle offers you an experience of Japan from a different perspective. This documentary can be a great inspiration for how to enjoy your visit to Japan even more.