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Close – Knit 彼らが本気で編むときは |  Karera ga honki de amu toki wa   |  

director OGIGAMI Naoko, 2017  |  127 min.


Two years ago, our festival featured Ogigami Naoko’s fresh take on sentimental comedy, Rentaneko (2012). This year, we are presenting her work and her flagship theme of identity and individuals tackling tense situations towards a positive ending with her latest film. On a much more serious note, Close-Knit (2017) takes us to an unorthodox Japanese family. Tomo, aged 11, is taken care of by her uncle and his transgender partner Rinko (played by the excellent Ikuta Toma). The little girl cannot understand how Rinko can be a better mother to her than her own mum who has repeatedly left her alone her without even telling her when she would come back. The film unravels and knits new family ties while time slowly passes by. In the process, the young girl learns of the existence of different family models and gets used to them.