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Buta to gunkan 豚と軍艦 |  Hogs and WARSHIPS   |  

director IMAMURA Shōhei  |  1950  |  108 min. 


In this year of the boar, we are featuring Hogs and Warship, a lesser-known film by the legendary director Imamura Shohei (1926-2006). The winner of two Golden Palms of Cannes (Narayama bushikō, 1984; Unagi, 1998) was the featured artist of the 6th edition of Eigasai in 2013. Imamura made his fifth film in 1961 for Nikkatsu as the first of three social commentaries that set off the Japanese New Wave. The plot unravels at a US military base in Yokosuka, an international port south of Yokohama where Japan’s Yakuza mafia prospers. The focus is on Kinta, a prominent Yakuza member, and his relationship with bartender Haruka along with complex relations with other Yakuza members and US soldiers. The story ends in a tragedy, echoing the situation of 1960s Japan and the difficult Japan-American relations.