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A Story of Yonosuke 横道世之介   |  Yokomichi Yonosuke   |  

director OKITA Shūichi  |  2013  |  160 min.


The name of the hero, played by Kōra Kengo, is a pun. Aged 18, he comes to Tokyo to study economics. Without knowing it, his unspoiled nature, good deeds, smile and a halo of curly hair offer a good example and a love catalyst for the people around him. Episodes from his student life reveal his first friendships and his shy, naïve, honest and pure character. At the peak of his first relationship with Shōko (Yoshitaka Yuriko), the story suddenly continues 16 years later, after the hero’s tragic death, as his friends remember the spark of youth and life that he emanated. In the past, the festival featured two other films by the successful Okita Shūichi, Mohican kokyō ni kaeru and Nankyoku ryōrinin.