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Palác Lucerna 
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Bezejmenná čajovna

tHe ondeKoza  |  Za Ondekoza

JApan  1981/1994  |   director: KATŌ Tai 

Artistic documentary about a unique community unified by marathon running, taiko drumming – and living together at a wild and distant Sado island.
Director Katō Tai, one of the distinguished representatives of the Japanese new wave, made his last movie as a celebration of vital energy of drummers corresponding with the energy of tide of ocean. Viewers can see fascinating scenes from Bunraku theater with alive doll or watch playing Ō-daiko (large drum) from an exciting bottom view.

Visually stunning drumming performance is wonderfully harmonized with the daily life of villagers – very impressive are the close-ups of their faces. Every day running of half-naked drummers by sea shore covered in snow, ritual crafting of masks for celebrations in temple or touching talks of girls in a group about celibacy and family gives an interesting mosaic of stories of this community. Director makes no comments and just puts together an impressive mosaic, framed with folk traditions and wild nature of Sado island that forged this unique community.

This film was shown for the first time nine years after director’s death and had many difficulties to be screened again. Being able to show this movie at Eigasai is a little miracle.


27. january

monday 18:30

shinobi (Ninja) in the Japanese film
OLympic japan – Japanese and sport
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YEAR 2012
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Lucerna Cinema, Prague
6th festival of
japanese film
22 - 28 / 1 / 2013
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