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Palác Lucerna 
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Bezejmenná čajovna

SMiLe  |  Sumairu – Seiya no kiseki

JApan  2007  |   director: JINNAI Takanori 

Is it possible for a tap dance teacher to train kids’ ice hockey team and make it successful? A story resembling Andersen’s fairy tales, but instead of Northern Europe it is set in Hokkaido and prince is an ice hockey player while the princess is an figure skater. Even thou the plot of the film is very romantic and touches the most essential issues of life and death, the whole movie is paced in big beat rhythm and has many characteristics of typical Japanese comedy. We can follow the story via memories of a famous ice hockey player that for the first time in twenty years comes back to the stadium where he used to play in rather pitiable ice hockey team. At those times he was deeply touched by the beauty of a figure skater who used to practice at the same place. He always wanted to talk to her, but due to his shyness he was unable to do so. It was the girl who broke the ice. Masaya once overwhelmed by his grief of losing his closest ones suddenly feels that his life is becoming bright again, but... Jinnai Takanori is a famous actor and singer in Japan. By making Seiya no kiseki he has clearly manifested his capabilities as a director as well. Seiya no kiseki is based on his own novel.


28. January

tuesday 18:30

shinobi (Ninja) in the Japanese film
OLympic japan – Japanese and sport
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Lucerna Cinema, Prague
6th festival of
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22 - 28 / 1 / 2013
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