Česko-japonská společnost, Velvyslanectví Japonska v ČR, 
Palác Lucerna 
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Bezejmenná čajovna

braVe reCordS oF Sanada CLan

Sanada fūun-roku

Japan  1963  |   director: KATŌ Tai 

Another story about the lonely ninja Sarutobi Sasuke, contrastive and complementary with the Samurai Spy. This time the avant-garde director Katō Tai set his story as a kind of a mysterious (or sci-fi?) musical in the style of golden 60s. Story starts just after the Sekigahara battle and culminates with the summer battle of Ōsaka in 1615, when the last fights between Tokugawa shogunate and followers of Hideori’s heir Hideyoshi took place. For samurais it was the last opportunity to gain a military glory or die with an heroic death before the period of peace starts. This is clear also to the a distinguished old school military leader Sanada Yukimura who starts to gather around him extraordinary fighters, even the undefeatable Sarutobi Sasuke. Sasuke is played by Nakamura Kinnosuke (also known as Yorozuya Kinnosuke) who is famous for his portrayal of Miyamoto Musashi or for his main role in the The Yagyu Conspiracy/ Shogun’s Samurai. Story has all essential elements of a proper romantic story of historical genre; love, loyalty, self-sacrifice, betrayal and desire to fight. Main enemy of Sasuke is represented in figure of Hattori Hanzō that is known to the Czech audience also from Tarantino’s movie Kill Bill.



27. january

monday 20:30

shinobi (Ninja) in the Japanese film
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Lucerna Cinema, Prague
6th festival of
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22 - 28 / 1 / 2013
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