Česko-japonská společnost, Velvyslanectví Japonska v ČR, 
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Bezejmenná čajovna

Pinpon  |  Ping-pong

Japan 2002  |   Director: SORI Fumihiko  |   114 min.

what can you tell about humans’ character from the sound of flying ball? And what can a person’s name reveal about his character?
Hoshino (meaning star in Japanese) who is nicknamed Peko is an eccentric boy. Since his childhood he has always known that he will become ping pong superstar. On the other hand his introverted friend Tsukimoto (meaning moon) that is nicknamed Smile thinks that by playing ping pong he is just killing his time. But soon it will be revealed that ping pong is a center of the universe for both of them.

This fast tempo feature based on a script by popular scriptwriter Kudō Kankurō (Go!, Maiko Haaaan!) has all the characteristics of successful contemporary Japanese movie: interesting camera movements, effective film editing, visual exaggeration, and effective combination of comedy effects containing emotional message that touches hearts of the audience. Moreover, audience is able to enjoy extraordinary sport matches captured from different camera angles. Director Sori Fumihiko that will turn fifty this year started his career as a specialist in visual effects and this influence is clearly visible in this movie. Ping Pong was Sori’s first movie and became a huge hit in Japanese market. Ping Pong was also awarded Japanese Academy Award for the best movie of the year.


22. january

wednesday 18:30

shinobi (Ninja) in the Japanese film
OLympic japan – Japanese and sport
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Lucerna Cinema, Prague
6th festival of
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22 - 28 / 1 / 2013
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